Infokiosk is interactive information and guidance system which helps users obtains the information they need. Infokiosk offers the possibility of product, business and service information to the customer without requiring the assistance of additional staff. Infokiosks can be used in public areas, commercial and business centers, reception areas, shops, transport- and service stations, airports, railway stations, public service centers and corporate lobbies or showrooms to present company information, product or service presentations and many more options. Infokiosk includes a touch screen display, keyboard, trackball mouse and a computer.

Infokiosk is an excellent solution to provide added value, information and service to customers and the general community as well as data exchange. Informationkiosk applications can include security information sharing e.g. sites and properties, a virtual receptionist, etc. Infokiosk can be defined for free of charge, part charges for specific access or can be configured for full charge for its services. Infokiosk can be installed indoors or outdoors. Hartikaari Ltd Infokiosks are provided by eKiosk GmbH, combining excellent design, functionality and ease of use to enable it to be highly cost efficient for our clients.

More information about models, versions and specifications can be found in the downloadable brochures and photo gallery. If you require futher details, you can also contact us by phone +358 40 194 2460 or email info (at) Look infokiosk brochures as Digital Magazines from this link.

Industrial Safety Infokiosks

Hartikaari Ltd. has together with eKiosk GmbH created solution for the industrial and occupational saftety information distribution on sites by modern, user friendly, economical and 24/7 available service for Finnish construction companies and building societies. Solution is based on eKiosk HERA-Kiosk models, but also can be implemented on ASTALON, ISIS or HATHOR kioskmodels. In the solution information kiosk is operating as a hub for the information. All information regarding site safety, security and operational models can be used via kiosk either kiosk itself, from Internet or Company’s own Intranet site in multiple languages. Kiosk is operated either by the touchscreen or traditional keyboard + mouse combination and it can contain videos, documents, questionnaries, audios etc. which are available for the users 24/ 365 days / year. Additionally via kiosk all normal Internet services are possible to allow i.e. e-mailing, Skype calls, video conferencing etc. eKiosk has delivered number of these solutions to german sites and companies including site in Dortmund for Alstom which solution video you can watch for the Youtube site (German). Videolink.